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              A complete solution for advanced cutting machines

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                      1. casumo betcut provides flexible, intelligent solutions for laser, plasma or water jet-cutting machines. casumo betcut requires motion in minimum three axes. Similar to the solutions with conventional, rotational and translational axis movements, constructive solutions with member axes can be controlled with casumo betcut on the casumo bet casumo canada-System.

                      2. A good example for this purpose is the study of 3D head that was executed with the help of member axes and it represents the highest degree of conversion and thus transformation. The advantages of this solution are noticeable. The power feed is significantly simplified.

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                            This innovative mechanical construction means that the head has very high stiffness and flexibility. This is a prerequisite for the necessary demand for accuracy.

                                A further essential feature is that all necessary resources as well as parameters required for the cutting technology of water jet, plasma and laser cutting are available for production.

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                                    These resources such as types of gases for cutting and pressure, cutting speed and performance are configured in the casumo canada [Computerized Numerical Control] and can be activated as required.

                                      casumo betcut also provides the function of angular cut compensation. The follow-on cut on the underside at the edge of the beam exit point during angular changes in direction is compensated with this function.

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                                              • casumo betcut brochure (print version)


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