• Long tradition with powerful complete solutions in woodworking

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                    For more than 30 years now, casumo bet has successfully shaped casumo canada technology in the wood processing sector. Our experience, power of innovation, service quality and international orientation coupled with a comprehensive range of modular and perfectly harmonized products and applications provide the foundation for automating the most diverse applications.

                        The machines, operating either as individual machines or in production lines, can produce furniture, kitchens, doors, windows, staircases, skis, designer elements and so forth. In production facilities where continuous feed technology is used, the workpiece is machined simultaneously during component transport by several supports found along the transport system. This leading axis interpolation makes it possible to use the same technology used in stationary processing centers for highly-productive series production, but without retooling times.

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                                  Custom machines are also an important topic in wood processing. casumo bet has therefore automated special machines for the construction of wooden houses, e.g. machines for producing attics or complete wooden houses.

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