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                          • Article No.Text
                            0200202029FLAT CABLE FOR FO BOARD, P/S 150W
                            0201203452F.A. AXE VIERGE
                            0202206019FACE AVANT F.O. UC AXES V2
                            0205200061BOITIER CONTROLE LIAISONS
                            0205200517ADAPTAT.LIGNE FIBRE OPTIQUE
                            0205200518ADAPTATEUR DE LIGNE
                            0205200519ADAPT.LIGNE RS232-RS422/RS485
                            0205200541PUPITRE PROGRAMMATION R800 V2
                            0205200548ENS. AXES SYNCHRONISES
                            0205200581PUPITRE VISUALISATION R800 V2
                            0205200583BOITIER D APPRENTISSAGE R 800
                            0205200731PUPITRE CDE SOMAB V3
                            0205200732PUPITRE VISU SOMAB V3
                            0205200838PUPITRE PROGRAMMATION R800 V3
                            0205200839PUPITRE VISUALISATION R800 V3
                            0205200966BOITIER APPRENTISSAGE V2 6M
                            0205200969ADAPTAT.DE LIGNE RS422/RS485
                            0205201191ENSEMBLE F.A. VIDEO 720
                            0205201215MODULE casumo bet720F ( PUPITRE )
                            0205201216MODULE casumo bet720T ( PUPITRE )
                            0205201250MODULE AUTO.PROGRAMMABLE TSX
                            0205201251MODULE EXTENSION E/S TSX
                            0205201267BOITIER LIAIS.AUT. FO RS 485
                            0205201337BOITIER CONVERS. RS232-RS485
                            0205201338CONVERTER TTL - RS232
                            0205201339ENS. BOITIER TTL-RS 485
                            0205201412MODULE COUPLEUR MAP+MODEM
                            0205201435ADAPT DE LIGNE SANS GENE 110B
                            0205201475BAC ROBO 820 16/512
                            0205201568"ENS. VIDEO 10"" KME MARRON"
                            0205201682BOITIER APPR.R820-800 6M
                            0205201683BOITIER APPR.R820-800 20M
                            0205201695"PUPITRE GRAPH. 10"" COUL 750T"
                            0205201705MODULE TSX 6S
                            0205201706MODULE TSX 8E
                            0205201722"MODULE REBOUCLAGE D""AXES"
                            0205202080"19"" main rack"
                            0205202082EXTENSION BAC A CARTE 19''6UV2
                            0205202101"PUPITRE 14"" COULEUR + SERVIT"
                            0205202104BOITIER EXTENSION 2 CARTES
                            0205202223BOITIER FO/BOUCLE DE COURANT
                            0205202307BOITIER ADAPTATION FO / RS485
                            0205202312"PUPITRE VIDEO 14"" GRIS"
                            0205202318"PUPITRE 750/760T 14"" GRIS"
                            0205202324"PUPITRE 750/760F 14"" GRIS"
                            0205202334"PUPITRE 760T 9"" GRIS"
                            0205202340"PUPITRE 760F 9"" GRIS"
                            0205202346"PUPITRE 750T 9"" GRIS"
                            0205202354"PUPITRE 750F 9"" GRIS"
                            0205202360"PUPITRE VIDEO 14"" GRIS"
                            0205202578"12"" main rack"
                            0205202629"ENS. VIDEO 10"" KME GRIS+SERV"
                            0205202649"PUPITRE 9""MONO 1060 + SERV"
                            0205202650"PUPITRE 10""COUL 1060 + SERV"
                            0205202688"Frontpanel 9"" equipped 720"
                            0205202782BOITIER ADAPT-COUPLEUR SCMcasumo bet
                            0205202789COUPLEUR SCMcasumo bet
                            0205202796PUPITRE UNIVER EQUIPE
                            0205202809"PUPITRE VIDEO 14"" PL+S3"
                            0205202846ENSEMBLE MULTIPLEXAGE
                            0205202895PUPITRE CN PL+S3 EQUIPE
                            0205202915PLAQUE BOUTON PL+S3 EQUIPEE
                            0205202917PLAQUE MANIV. PL+S3 EQUIPEE
                            0205202919PLAQUE BOUTON UNIVER EQUIPEE
                            0205202921PLAQUE MANIV. UNIVER EQUIPEE
                            0205202967"ENS. VIDEO 10"" CHAINING GRIS"
                            0205202982"PUPITRE 750F 10"" GRIS SEA"
                            0205202991BOITIER REFLEX EQUIPE
                            0205203603"BAC A CARTES 12"" 6U VERSION 2"
                            0205203915BOITIER DE CONVERS. TTL/RS232
                            0205203916BOITIER DE CONVERS. TTL/RS485
                            0205203930"VIDEO 14"" PL+S3"
                            0205937439BOITIER PREAMPLI EQUIPE
                            0206200315BAC 6U INF. AVEC 2 BUS
                            0206200505ENSEMBLE BLOC ALIM V2
                            0206201001BLOC ALIM V2 12A
                            0206201214CABLE PRISE VIDEO casumo bet720
                            0206201233CABLE BOUTONS XBLT PUPITRE GRA
                            0206201296CABLE FIBRE OPTIQUE 50 M
                            0206201297CABLE FIBRE OPTIQUE 20 M
                            0206201298CABLE FIBRE OPTIQUE 10 M
                            0206201299Metallic 5m OF cable
                            0206201540PUPITRE OPERATEUR ROBO 820
                            0206201677CABLE BOITIER APPR.R820 6M
                            0206201678CABLE BOITIER APPR.R820 20M
                            0206202193POWER SUPPLY 130W 1060 with FO
                            0206202311"F.A EQUIPEE VIDEO 14"" GRISE"
                            0206202394CABLE LIAISON VIDEO 1060 5M
                            0206202395CABLE LIAISON VIDEO 1060 10M
                            0206202526ENSEMBLE ALIM MODULE E/S
                            0206202539MODULE MAP-CARRIERBAND
                            0206202545MODULE ETHERNET
                            0206202549POWER SUPPLY 60W w/ FO
                            0206202724POWER SUPPLY 130W 1060 w/o FO
                            0206202725BLOC ALIM 60W SANS F.O
                            0206202798PL+S3 console for OPTIMAB
                            0206202799F.A. EQUIPEE CLAVIER PL+S3
                            0206202821OPERATOR PANEL MP01
                            0206202822Operator panel with I/O extension
                            0206202886MODULE PR40 SS128 DR4
                            0206203101"ENS. VIDEO 14"" TE REOPERE"
                            0206203115MODULE PC BASE 486 DD 80MO
                            0206203134ENSEMBLE BANDES RELEGENDABLES
                            0206203223CABLE VIDEO 1060 5M
                            0206203225CABLE VIDEO 1060 10M
                            0206203227CABLE VIDEO 1060 15M
                            0206203229CABLE VIDEO 1060 20M
                            0206203231CABLE VIDEO 1060 30M
                            0206203233CABLE VIDEO 1060 40M
                            0206203486GRAPHIC PROCESSOR V3
                            0206203489MODULE PC BASE 486 DD 170MO
                            0206203502MODULE PC V2 DE BASE
                            0206203542MODULE PR40 SS512 DR4
                            0206203613BAC DOUBLE ASSEMBLE
                            0206203638"PUPITRE COMPACT CRT 9"" MONCHROME"
                            0206203639PUPITRE COMPACT COULEUR
                            0206203691MODULE PC BASE 486 DD 270MO
                            0206203782PUPITRE COMPACT EQUIPE
                            0206203821"VIDEO 14"" EQUIPEE"
                            0206203830"CABLE CARTE PUP. VIDEO 14"" V3"
                            0206203949S/ENSEMBLE DISQUE DUR 500 MO
                            0206203950Pcasumo canada MODULE V2 HARD DISK 500MB
                            0206203963PUPITRE CN SOMAB PL+S3
                            0206203968CLAVIER PUPITRE COMPACT
                            0206203969CLAVIER PUPITRE COMPACT EQUIPE
                            0206204009Kit de liaison pour floppy
                            0206204079"FRONT PANEL 1060 w/ SCREEN 9/10"""
                            0206204080"F.A. 14"" POUR DSC"
                            0206204128CLAVIER T PLUS EQUIPE
                            0206204129"VIDEO T PLUS MONITEUR 9"""
                            0206204130"VIDEO T PLUS MONITEUR 10"""
                            0206204233CARTE COMMUNICAT. FIPWAY EQUI.
                            0206204236KEYBOARD T-PLUS V2 EQUIPPED
                            0206204250"PUPITRE LCD 10,4"" EQUIPE FDP20"
                            0206204282CLAVIER 53 TOUCHES EQUIPE
                            0206204295KEYBOARD 9/10'' CP20 EQUIPPED
                            0206204414"F.A. 10"" ETANCH.RENFORC"
                            0206204454PUPITRE POP
                            0206204489KEY PANEL MP10 w/o LCD
                            0206204490OPERATOR PANEL CP10 w/o DISPLAY
                            0206204515CLAVIER PERSO. EQUIPE UNIVER
                            0206204516"VIDEO 9"" EQUIPEE"
                            0206204517"VIDEO 10"" EQUIPEE"
                            0206204564"PUPITRE 9"" MONOCHROME"
                            0206204565"PUPITRE 10"" COULEUR"
                            0206204577"PUPITRE 14"" COULEUR"
                            0206204603CLAVIER M PLUS V1 EQUIPE
                            0206204636"VIDEO 14"" EQUIPEE V2"
                            0206204720CLAVIER M PLUS V2 EQUIPE
                            0206204848CLAVIER 53 TOUCHES EQUIPE
                            0206205002COFFRET DIGISAF 100
                            0206205147Optica keyboard
                            0206205219KEYBOARD KBD-30
                            0206205239"FS 20 ECRAN LCD 10""4 COULEUR"
                            0206205261"PUPITRE LCD 10,4"" EQUIPE V2"
                            0206205310OPERATOR PANEL MP02
                            0206205333KEYBOARD V2 53-KEYS
                            0206205423KIT MODULE PILE
                            0206205437CARTE HSL EMBALLEE
                            0206205524OPERATOR PANEL POP V2 w/o CABLE
                            0206205635FLOPPY MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205637VENTILATEUR MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205639DISQUE DUR MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205642ALIMENTATION MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205653IPC12/FTP41 V3 box incl. motherboard
                            0206205654CHASSIS MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205655IPC BASE FTP41
                            0206205656IPC 12 V3
                            0206205657CARTE GRAPHIQUE MOTHERBOX V3
                            0206205658MOD SDRAM 16MX64 PC100 DIMM168
                            0206205659MOD. SDRAM 4MX64 PC100 DIMM168
                            0206205682"LCD EQUIPEE TFT 10""4"
                            0206205683"LCD EQUIPE TFT 12""1"
                            0206205697PORTE FTP41
                            0206205698PORTE IPC 12
                            0206205802FRONT PANEL 760T 14'' REPLACEMENT
                            0206205803"OPERATOR PANEL 760F 14"""
                            0206205804"FRONT PANEL 760T 9"" REPLACEMENT"
                            0206205805"FRONT PANEL 9"" 760F"
                            0206205806"FRONT PANEL 9"" 750T"
                            0206205807FACE 750T 10'' EN ECHANGE
                            0206205808FRONT PANEL 750F 9''
                            0206205809"FRONT PANEL 10"" 750F"
                            0206205812FACE 720 VIDEO EN ECHANGE
                            0206205858F. DE PROGRAMMATION EN ECHANGE
                            0206205859F PUPITRE CDE SOMAB EN ECHANGE
                            0206205860FRONT PANEL 72OT GREY
                            0206205861FRONT PANEL GREY 72OF
                            0206205862F. AV PUPITRE PL+S3 EN ECHANGE
                            0206205903"CARTE GRAPHIQUE AGP 10""4"
                            0206205904"CARTE GRAPHIQUE AGP 12""1"
                            0206205936OPERATOR PANEL MP10 w/ LCD MOUNTING KIT
                            020620600168LC040 Processor s/assy
                            020620600268040 S/ASSY MICRO
                            0206206003S/ENSEMBLE MICRO 68LC060
                            0206206004S/ENSEMBLE MICRO 68060
                            0206206058MONITEUR LCD 1760
                            0206206061PUPITRE 1760 TOUR
                            0206206062PUPITRE 1760 FRAISEUSE
                            0206206063SUPPORT CN 1760 EQUIPE
                            0206206082"Operator Panel FS20 10""4 LCD"
                            0206206110Operator Panel MP03 with handwheel
                            0206206130"Machine Control Panel 19"" MP03"
                            0206206132OPERATOR PANEL W/O HANDWHEEL MP03 L410
                            0206206149BASE FTP41 V4
                            0206206150BASE IPC12 V4
                            0206206152COFFRET DE BASE MOTHERBOX V4
                            0206206153CARTE MERE MOTHERBOX V4
                            0206206154POWER SUPPLY MOTHERBOX V4
                            0206206220"OPERATOR PANEL MP03 19"" w/o HANDWHEEL"
                            0206206231DISQUE DUR MOTHERBOX V4
                            0206206256"LCD EQUIPE TFT 10""4 V4"
                            0206206257"LCD EQUIPE TFT 12""1 V4"
                            0206206258PORTE FTP41 V4
                            0206206259PORTE IPC12 V4
                            0206206292"FRONT PANEL LCD 12"" IPC casumo bet"
                            0206206293OPERATOR PANEL IPC15' casumo bet
                            0206206294UC IPC casumo bet SANS SLOT EMBALLEE
                            0206206295BoxPC Magelis Medium Celeron 24V WIN2000
                            0206206296UC IPC casumo bet 3XPIII850 EMBALLEE
                            0206206297HSL PCI BOARD
                            0206939158BLOC ALIM 570
                            0206939795ENSEMBLE BLOC ALIM 760
                            0207200247F.A. 760T
                            0207200248F.A. 760F
                            0207200380F.A. 750T
                            0207200392F.A. 750F
                            0207200404F.A. 760TGC
                            0207200410F.A. 760FGC
                            0207200482F.A. DE PROGRAMMATION
                            0207200563F.A. VISU PROG. ROBO 800
                            0207200657F.A. PUPITRE CDE SOMAB
                            0207200666F.A. VISU SOMAB
                            0207200909F.A. casumo bet720T
                            0207200911F.A. casumo bet720F
                            0207200917"F.A. 9"" casumo bet720"
                            0207201418FRONT PANEL TEACH-IN BOX R820-800
                            0207201504"F.A. 750T 10""COUL. 9"" MONO."
                            0207201508"F.A. 750F 10""COUL. 9"" MONO."
                            0207201607"F.A. VIDEO 10"" 720 KME"
                            0207202058"CLAVIER MODE POUR PUPITRE 14"""
                            0207202289"F.A. VISU SOMAB 9""10"""
                            0207202313F.AV. 760 T COULEUR GRISE
                            0207202319F.AV. 760 F COULEUR GRISE
                            0207202329F.A. 760T GRISE
                            0207202335F.A. 760F GRISE
                            0207202341F.A. 750T GRISE
                            0207202349F.A. 750F GRISE
                            0207202566"F.A. VISU 9""10"" 720 GRIS"
                            0207202568F.A. 720T GRISE
                            0207202570F.A. 720F GRISE
                            0207202651"CLAVIER VALKEY 9""10"" ASSEMBLE"
                            0207202705OPERATOR PANEL UNIVER CONSOLE
                            0207202727CLAVIER PUPITRE CN PL+S3
                            0207202728F.A. PUPITRE CN PL+S3
                            0207202757F.A. PUPITRE PL+S3
                            0207202830FRONT PANEL MP01 F.O.
                            0207203295"CLAVIER QWERTY PUPITRE 14"""
                            0207203682BANDE RELEG. CLAVIER PUP COMP.
                            0207203955CLAVIER DU PUPITRE CN
                            0207204013F.A. T PLUS EQUIPEE
                            0207204137KEYBOARD 9/10'' CONSOLE V2
                            0207204139"KEYBOARDS QWERTY & MODE, 14"" CONSOLE"
                            0207204141"KEYBORD MODES, 14"" CONSOLE"
                            0207204220OPERATOR PANEL TPlus V2
                            0207204292"FACE AVANT VIDEO 10"" COULEUR"
                            0207204293"FACE AVANT VIDEO 9"" MONOCHROME"
                            0207204547"FACE AVANT VIDEO 14"" PL+S3"
                            0207204716CLAVIER M PLUS V2 ASSEMBLE
                            0207204786FACE AVANT DIGISAF 100
                            0207204859CLAVIER LCD ASSEMBLE FTP20
                            0207204978"SET OF KEYS 9"" & 10"""
                            0207204979"JEU DE TOUCHES 14"""
                            0207205095**NU**TASTIERA FTP41 (NC207205688)
                            0207205122CLAVIER OPTICA
                            0207205205KEYPANEL MP02 100XX
                            0207205664F AV FTP 41 NUE
                            0207205672F AV IPC 12 NUE
                            0207205688KEYBOARD QWERTY w/o WHEEL V2
                            0207206048FACE AVANT 1760 TOUR
                            0207206060FACE AVANT 1760 FRAISEUSE
                            0207206100FRONT PANEL w/ HANDWHEEL MP03 L410
                            0207206120"FRONT PANEL 19"" MP03"
                            0207206122FRONT PANEL w/ HANDWHEEL MP03 L410
                            0207206269"FRONT PANEL MP03 19"" w/o HANDWHEEL"
                            0209206134CABLE DRL BOARD
                            0209206170CARTE ADAPTATION HD 32E V1
                            0209206171CARTE ADAPTATION HD 32E V2
                            0209206172CARTE ADAPTATION HD 32S V1
                            0209206173CARTE ADAPTATION HD 32S V2
                            0209206209"LCD Monitor 8.4"" 24V 10XX"
                            0209206224"LCD MONITOR 12.1"" 24V"
                            0209206361"10"" (LCD) compact console CP10F"
                            0209206362"Operator Panel CP20 50Key 8.4""LCD"
                            0209206363"Operator Panel CP30 12.1"" LCD 24V 10xx"
                            0209207362OPERATOR PANEL 50 KEYS w/o DISPLAY
                            0209207363OPERATOR PANEL CP30 w/o LCD
                            0211010103Potentiometer 3W 10K short shaft
                            0211012102PCER 3W 1K 20% AXE L 19,5
                            0216002361"MONITEUR COUL 14"" MULTIFREQU."
                            0216010401"MONITEUR C 14"" VGA 44BE401"
                            0216010530"MONITEUR COULEUR KME 10"" 26KHZ"
                            0216010935"MONITEUR M 9"" VGA"
                            0216011026"MONITEUR C 10"" CS1026 26KHZ"
                            0216011028"MONITEUR C 10"" 216011026"
                            0216011035"MONITEUR C 10"" VGA"
                            0216012603"MONITEUR COULEUR 10"" 26C10003"
                            0216012609"MONITEUR COULEUR 10"" 26C10009"
                            0216014401"MONITEUR C 14"" VGA 44BE001"
                            0216022500"DISQUE DUR 1,6 GO 2,5"" IDE"
                            0216022600"DISQUE DUR 6GO 2""5 IDE UDMA 66"
                            0216024027LECTEUR GNT27
                            0216024028LECTEUR GNT28
                            0216121240"VIDEO 9"" TTL 12V 1A 50HZ"
                            0216121241"VIDEO 9"" TTL 12V 1,4A 83,2HZ"
                            0216121242"VIDEO 9"" 720 MONO GRA 12V 1,5A"
                            0216121244"VIDEO 9"" TTL 12V 1A 60HZ"
                            0216203323PRODUIT LECTEUR DE DISQUETTE
                            0216204712iPC PENTIUM WIN95
                            0216204928iPC PENTIUM ADV
                            0216205815MONITEUR MONOCHROME 9'' 18KHZ
                            0216500002GRAPHIC BOARD MOTHERBOX V3 2MB
                            0216500110V3 FTP41 basic board ATX
                            0216700001CARTE COM SERIE HDLC PCI
                            0216900001"MONITEUR C 10"" VGA"
                            0216900003"MONITEUR C 14"" VGA"
                            0216900004"MONITEUR C 14"" 26KHZ"
                            0216900005"Keyboard AT 102T qwerty 19"""
                            0216900006FTP-40:PUP. PC TFT COULEUR
                            0216900009"VIDEO 9"" 760 MONO"
                            0216900010"VIDEO 10"" 750 COULEUR"
                            0216900012"VIDEO 9"" 760 MONO"
                            0217203711VIDEO 750-760 9' EQUIPEE
                            0217204843ENSEMBLE MONITEUR 720 MONOCHROME
                            0217900015ENS.VIDEO 10'COUL.720
                            0218120020COUVERCLE PCMCIA casumo bet
                            0218120030CORDON FIP PCMCIA 3M
                            0218120040CARTE PCMCIA FIPWAY
                            0218120050CARTE AT FIPWAY/FIPIO
                            0218120060CORDON FIP CARTE AT 3 M
                            0218121100ENS LOG PL72 FRENCH POUR PC/PS
                            0218170324CARTOUCHE EEPROM 24K X 8
                            0218172017PILE LITHIUM TSX 17-20
                            0218172073OPERATING SYSTEM PL7-2 HORODAT
                            0218172428TSX 17-20 PLC RELAYS UNEQUIPPED
                            0218176407ADAPTATEUR CARTOUCHE EPROM
                            0224200012CARTE STOP ADRESSE AUTOMATE
                            0224200015CARTE EXTENS. MEMOIRE 32/80
                            0224200023CARTE INTERRUPTION CN/AUTOMATE
                            0224200028CARTE PUPITRE V2 760
                            0224200046128Ko memory extension V2
                            0224200094CARTE PUPITRE GRAPHIQUE
                            0224200108CARTE 2 AXES AUTOMATE
                            0224200114Counting axis feedback board
                            022420011948V 32 input board V1
                            0224200194LPC board V1
                            022420020364Ko RAM/128Ko memory
                            02242002302-axis CNA 14-bit board
                            02242002911-axis resolver or inductosyn CNA 14 bit
                            0224200294Alpha console board V3
                            02242002961-axis resolver or inductosyn board with
                            0224200300Interface for RS232 printing
                            0224200302CARTE PROCES AUTOMATE ISOLE
                            0224200313CARTE SUPPORT CONNECT.ALIM
                            0224200315BAC 6U INF. AVEC 2 BUS
                            0224200332CARTE ALIM PUPITRE VIDEO V2
                            0224200342Equerre pour connecteur Europa
                            0224200389CARTE 16 SORTIES
                            0224200390CARTE BUS 68000 13CONN.DAISY
                            0224200396CARTE ALIM 5V 2.8A +12V-12V V1
                            022420041324Ko EEPROM PLC processor V2
                            0224200417CARTE MEMOIRE 128/256
                            0224200421Perso-Board 16K V2 750/760
                            0224200423Display board V2
                            022420042532 input 24 output board
                            022420042924V 32 Inputs board V2
                            0224200433CARTE PROCESSEUR CN V2
                            0224200437Coprocessor V1
                            0224200462CARTE BUS 68000 6 CONNECTEURS
                            0224200464CARTE BUS AUTOMATE 5 CONN.
                            0224200502CARTE PUPITRE GRAPHIQUE V2
                            0224200510128Ko memory extension V2
                            0224200515CARTE AFFICHEUR PUPITRE R 800
                            0224200578CARTE 32 SORTIES V2 S/T
                            0224200595CARTE BUS AUT.13 CONNECT.V2
                            0224200598CARTE BUS AUTO.9CONNECT.V2
                            0224200624CARTE 32 ENTREES 48V V2
                            0224200656Memory board 512/512
                            0224200677CARTE PROCESSEUR AUTOM. V2/40K
                            0224200715256Ko RAM/512Ko memory
                            0224200718CARTE LIGNE PROC.CONTROLE V2
                            0224200793CARTE 1AXE RESOL-IND14BITS FC
                            0224200802Graphic Board V3 for Operator Panel
                            0224200807CARTE SIMULATION TACHY
                            0224200814CARTE INTER.IMP. RS 232 V3
                            02242008233 AXES COMPTAGE 12 BITS
                            0224200838PUPITRE PROGRAMMATION R800 V3
                            0224200839PUPITRE VISUALISATION R800 V3
                            0224200840POWER SUPPLY BOARD FG750/760
                            0224200862EXTENSION MEMOIRE AUTOMATE V3
                            022420089632Ko EEPROM PLC processor
                            0224200897CARTE LIGNE V24 SUPPL. AUT V2
                            0224200900PROCES.AUTO 24K SOUS TRAITE
                            0224200901PROCESSOR V3/40K 750/760
                            02242009202-axis board V2
                            0224200935CARTE DE BASE casumo bet 720
                            0224200969ADAPTAT.DE LIGNE RS422/RS485
                            0224200974POWER SUPPLY BOARD V3 750/760
                            0224201001POWER SUPPLY 12A 750/760
                            0224201004Power supply board
                            02242010053 AXES COMPT.14 B
                            02242010062 AXES COMPT.14 B.SOUS TRAITE
                            0224201009REPROM 512Ko daughter board
                            0224201180CARTE VOYANTS casumo bet720 SS TRAITE
                            0224201181CARTE 32 ENTREES 24 SORTIES V3
                            0224201182CARTE 32 E 24V
                            0224201183CARTE 32 ENTREES 48V V3
                            0224201206CARTE FIBRE OPTIQUE casumo bet720
                            0224201332CARTE BUS AUTO 12 CONNECT V3
                            0224201394CARTE 32E/24S
                            0224201407EEPROM 16Ko NC board, 128Ko RAM
                            0224201422NC processor 19200 bauds V3
                            0224201426Tacho four-axis simunlation board
                            0224201430MEMOIRE 512K RAM/768K REPROM
                            0224201435ADAPTATEUR DE LIGNE S GENE110B
                            0224201438CARTE E2PROM 256
                            0224201469CARTE ALIM 820/720 COUL. SEA
                            0224201524CARTE ALIM.720 A DECOUP.PRIM.
                            0224201540PUPITRE OPERATEUR ROBO 820
                            0224201566CARTE COPROCESSEUR V2
                            0224201638PROCESSOR BOARD CN V4
                            0224201644CARTE EEPROM 128 K0
                            0224201662CARTE CN 720 CMS 16K EEP 128K
                            0224201682TRAINING UNIT V2 WITH 6m CABLE
                            0224201683Training unit V2 with 20m cable
                            0224201716MEMORY 256K RAM/768K REPROM
                            022420174632 SORTIES casumo bet 1060
                            0224201773"Carte bus CN V1 19"""
                            0224201775CARTE PROCESSEUR CN
                            0224201839CARTE PROCESSEUR 32K
                            0224201857CARTE BUS AUTOMATE ST
                            0224201858BUS AUTOMATE casumo bet 1060
                            022420192632 Inputs board
                            0224201928CARTE 16 SORTIES TRIAC
                            0224201935PROCESSEUR MACHINE 1060
                            0224201969CARTE FILLE REPROM 1 M 720
                            02242019824 axis counting 14 bits board V1
                            0224202028FIBER OPTIC BOARD w/ FCC CONN, P/S 130W
                            0224202069CARTE QVN 1060
                            0224202080Basic Rack BAC 19' 1060
                            0224202153FIBRE OPTIC CARD V2 720
                            0224202189256Ko RAM/1Mo REPROM memory
                            0224202190512Ko RAM/1Mo REPROM memory
                            0224202191MEMOIRE 1M/1M
                            0224202213CARTE 720 16K SANS D.RAM 512KO
                            0224202214Basic Board 64K EEPROM w/ 512K DRAM 720
                            0224202222CARTE 4 AXES COMPTAGE 1060 V2
                            0224202247CARTE MEMOIRE 512KO/2MO
                            0224202248CARTE MEMOIRE 1060 768K/2M
                            0224202249CARTE MEMOIRE 1.7MO/2MO
                            0224202251BASIC BOARD 16K EEPROM 512K RAM 720
                            0224202253EEPROM 64Ko NC CMS board, 512Ko RAM
                            0224202277CARTE 4 AXES COMPTAGE 16B V1
                            0224202299Memory board 512 Ko / 2Mo V2
                            0224202300Memory board 768 Ko / 2Mo V2
                            0224202301Memory board 1.7MB / 2MB V2
                            0224202307BOITIER ADAPTATION FO/RS485
                            0224202324PUPITRE 750/760F 14' GRIS
                            0224202365CARTE PUPITRE 1060 V2
                            0224202370CARTE IT/ACIA
                            0224202371CARTE IT
                            0224202374Graphic processor V2
                            0224202379CARTE FILLE MEM. V2 REPROM 2M
                            022420238532 Inputs/24 Outputs board
                            0224202523BUS SERIE 12' ST
                            0224202536CARTE MERE COMMUNICATION
                            0224202544CARTE FILLE ETHERNET 802.3
                            0224202587"Carte bus CN, perso, V2 12"""
                            0224202613CARTE 8E/8S ANALOGIQUES
                            0224202628"CRT VIDEO PANEL 9"" MONO"
                            0224202664PROCESSOR BOARD FOR OPERATOR PANEL 10XX
                            0224202666CARTE PUPITRE MACHINE EXT.
                            0224202668CARTE 4 AXES COMPT.16B 1060 V2
                            02242026693 axis counting 14 bit board V2
                            0224202670CARTE 2 AXES COMPTAGE 14B V2
                            0224202771PROCESSEUR CN DRAM4M/SRAM128K
                            0224202777CARTE PUPITRE 1060 V3
                            0224202778Grafic Prozessor V2 4MB 1060
                            0224202779Console board V4
                            0224202846Multiplexer Module
                            0224202876Reflex board
                            0224202878CARTE COMMUTATION PUPITRE
                            0224202886MODULE UC SII
                            0224202887GRAPHIC DAUGHTER BOARD GSP u SW T
                            0224202888GRAPHIC DAUGHTER BOARD GSP 1020/40/50
                            0224202892CARTE FILLE DRAM 4MO UC SII
                            0224202894SRAM 512KB 1020/1040/1050/Power
                            0224202896MOTHERBOARD UC SII

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